Hello all! If you have been browsing our works and found the piece of your dreams, then of course we'll ship it to you! 

All shipping costs on the website are either £15 or £25 each. If you would like a quote for buying multiple pieces, then do get in touch and we can arrange that for you. Many pieces can be sent together, reducing the shipping costs dramatically.

For original artwork or particularly large artwork, you will see that the shipping cost is listed as Pending. This means that, should you wish to purchase, we will get a personalised shipping quote for you to ensure that you get the very best price possible. In this scenario, we'll contact you after seeing your order or you can get in touch with us before purchasing.

Of course, with COVID-19, we'lll be disinfecting everything before and while we box it up for you. Everyone in our gallery and who we work with are all abiding by the highest hygiene standards, so there is no need for concern. We are at the whims of shipping agencies and so, if they pause their business, we ask for your consideration and we thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions whatsoever, big or small, please feel free to get in touch by email on We're always checking!